Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The library wastes my money

The library in my town sends out notices when ordered books come in. I don't understand why this is; they send me emails when my books are about to become overdue, yet they can't send me an email when my library books arrive. No one can explain it to me. I think it's a waste of resources. I got a new book from the library: CSS Web Design for Dummies. I ordered this book weeks ago and have been waiting in a breathless fashion to get my silly slip of paper advising me that my book had arrived for me. I zipped myself there and came home with a shiny new book. I have been quite excited to get this book, in fact I've been on pins and needles waiting for it. I want so badly to learn about web pages so I can write a style sheet and make my website for the whole world to see and awe over.

And I haven't cracked that book once. Oh, I think I read the copyright page; it's like foreplay for me, the copyright page. I got that far then I got thirsty, or got tired, or got dirty, or something. Between work and not feeling all that well I haven't done anything that I really want to do. Even knitting is a chore for me lately, and I can't seem to shake a sort of restless, un-good feeling.

Also, I hate the For Dummies series of books. Yes, they're terrifically easy to follow even for us simpletons. But, dummy? Really? Does that have to be me? I don't want to be a dummy. I want to be a smarty, like the candy.


Anonymous said...

I hope you find the book useful.

I've never been very good at web design. I get the technical aspects of HTML, but I lack the aesthetic skill necessary to turn that technical knowledge into something that looks good.

Jade said...

Thanks seithman, I hope I find it useful too. :) I am hoping I can find a way to mesh both my [burgeoning] technical skill with my outstanding aesthetic eye to make something nice and pretty. We'll see!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you're a Smarty alright.


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