Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sue's Flowers

I tried to work out tonight, but my gym-ling is closed for reasons unknown. I haven't felt like working out, haven't felt well really for a couple of weeks. But when I stuffed myself into a previously-comfortable pair of pants and had to suck in my belly this morning, I decided it was time to maybe try that whole exercise things again. I went for a walk since I couldn't work out, and did some more exploring. I really like my new neighbourhood. I'm back together with Janet Evanovich and I had Stephanie Plum in my ear again while I scoped out the all the houses for sale and my neighbours.

I found a house tucked back into a quiet part of the area, a house with lots of big, colourful flowers. A woman stood at the corner staring at the flowers. She said hello to me as I walked nearby. I wasn't expecting it, am not accustomed to friendliness from neighbours. I said hello back, and complimented her flowers. She told me her name is Sue, and invited me to come back with my shears and take as many as I liked. I told her I had just moved here, and she told me all about the park nearby and the public tennis courts down the road a piece and the conveniently located 7-11 not far away.

She was very nice, and it surprised me. I'm a standoffish girl; I keep to myself for the most part. Sometimes I'm rude, but usually it's just that I don't like talking to people just for the sake of talking. But I liked Sue. She was open and friendly without being invasive. When I offered my hand in greeting, she shook it like a normal person with a firm grip, not all sissy-like how so many women shake hands. She was inviting and generous, and I was glad to meet her.

Tomorrow I think I'll head back to Sue's and avail myself of some of her flowers.

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