Sunday, May 4, 2008

Run Lola Run

I finally got round to watching Run Lola Run. Aside from a tremendous crush on Franka Potente, I loved this movie. We watched it with subtitles, which always makes me pay just a little bit closer attention to what is said than if I were watching an American film. Something I noticed about this movie is the lack of dialogue. I mean, we heard the right amount of words to convey meaning and we hear interaction between characters, but so much is conveyed without a lot of extra nattering. I am no aficionado of films, but it seems that pictures made in other countries use far less dialogue than American films.

The movie seemed simple to me, easy and fresh with a fluidity of purpose. It was straight-forward in its meaning, and didn't waste time explaining away details that don't appreciably change the plot or character development. I especially liked the glimpse the audience got of a character's life-path when Lola intersected them at various times; something about the way that was put together really tickled me. I enjoyed this movie, and wish I hadn't waited so long to see it.

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