Saturday, May 24, 2008

Farmer's market

I went to the farmer's market today; we got there sort of late in the day so stands were picked rather clean and the goodies were starting to dwindle, but I got a couple starts - basil and sage - for my herb garden. We were expecting rain today, but it turned out to be quite nice. We parked a few blocks away and walked in the sunshine. The market is across the street from the city library, so of course I had to go scope that out. I got my library card, but didn't do much browsing. The library is larger than I expected, and I'm anxious to spend some time there.

I was supposed to get together with my dad today and show him around this city, but he had to reschedule so I dragged Jeff around town with me instead. It was nice to get out and wander around. I have been off my diet and exercise routine, so I'm feeling a little unhealthy. A big change that I wasn't expecting has been finding a routine in the new place. I figured I'd move out here and just have it all figured out, that I would just slip into a routine of things and do all the things I wanted to accomplish before. I had been looking forward to a not-commute, but hadn't really planned what I would do with all my extra time. Oh, I figured I'd start exercising again and working out in the weight room, and spending more time on my crafty projects. I plan to start school sometime out here, and cook and clean more ... so many things, but I hadn't really figured how it would all work together.

Previous to moving here I spent so much time commuting and working, and thinking about commuting and working, and devoting so much energy to rushing around from one place to the next that I never felt like I had enough time for anything. Everything was hurried, and when I had time not to hurry, I came to a dead stop. I didn't have any in-between time, in which I could rest for a little while, then go off and do something energetic. I had break-neck speed and complete stillness.

Now, I have a lot of time. I don't have to rush in the mornings. I'm not carpooling with Tanya any longer, so no one is really waiting on me; the drive to work takes me two minutes. It is hard for me to rush around now. In the mornings, I can't seem to get motivated to get ready in anything resembling a timely manner. When I come home in the afternoons, I mosey around and do anything that strikes my fancy. I'm so off any sort of disciplined schedule or routine, and I'm having a hard time finding my way.

I think I'm just swinging towards the opposite extreme, just taking my time getting into a rhythm after years of such stress; I'm not really worried about it, but it feels a little weird to me right now. I moved out here so I'd be able to balance all areas of my life better, and now I'm experiencing the opposite problem: I'm still not getting much done, but not because I have no time - now it's because I have all the time.

At least I'm cleaning more.

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