Saturday, March 1, 2008

This weekend's project

Last year one of my employees picked up some knit and crochet patterns for me at a garage sale. Someone had taken the time to print patterns from the web and put them into sheet protectors. Whoever did this project stuffed several patterns inside one sheet protector; there are dozens, possibly over a hundred.

I'm pleased to have the patterns, and wonder at who would be getting rid of them. Someone went to a tremendous amount of work to put all this together. I wonder if the person who collected the patterns died, and their child or grandchild doesn't knit or crochet and so decided to get rid of them. They weren't even for sale - they were given free to anyone who would take them. Someone, somewhere didn't see the value of what they had and I feel like I have a little piece of someone's grandmother.

I bought some three-ring binders and a box of sheet protectors, and today I'm going through all the patterns and putting them into their own sheet. Of course, I'll have to organize them by style, cross-referenced by type, size, and gender ...

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