Monday, March 24, 2008


I mentioned in my last post that Tanya had given me a citrine; I really like it and it's the first stone of my new collection (the collection I had when I was younger has been long gone). As soon as I got the stone I started sleeping extremely heavily. I haven't been able to remember any of the dreams I have and I've had a very difficult time waking up each morning. One very positive effect is that I have not had any nightmares. This is significant because I used to have them several times a week, often nightly.

The only time I've had either a bad dream, or somewhat restless sleep was when the citrine was out of the room or in a dish of sea salt. I'm using the amethyst I picked up recently to draw off some of the effect of the citrine, to emit some calming energy to diffuse the strength of the citrine, and I think it's serving exactly that purpose. A couple nights ago I had them together in a bag under my pillow, and I slept as hard and deep as ever. Last night I moved the bag to the shelf above my bed and it was a little better. I didn't sleep as hard and I woke frequently, afraid I was oversleeping. I haven't found the right balance yet; so far using these two stones seems to have me at one extreme or the other, but I'm enjoying the process of trying to find what works best.


Anonymous said...

Baby, I think your polarity might be off. Citrine is a stone that energies and improves vitality as well as cleansing your energy. While it does cleanse, I don't think it should knock you out like it has. When stones have the opposite effect on you that they should, it's usually an indication your polarity is off (like how the hematite affected you). If you want, gimme a call, and we'll see if we can right your polarity.

In general, a few stones that are good for making nightmares go away are smokey quartz, chrysoprase, amethyst and prehnyte (sp?). Do you have a crystal/stone book? Judy Hall's Crystal Bible is a good one to start with. :) Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry - typo in my last comment. It should be "energizes" not energies... ;) Not through my first cup of coffee yet...

Jade said...

I do have one of Cunningham's gem books from the library, but I'm in search of something to add to my collection this weekend. Thank you for the recommendation!

I'll give you a call this week. :)

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