Sunday, March 9, 2008


I gave one of my kitties to the humane society today. Emma has been with us for almost five years and it was very difficult. We got her, and her brother Zoe, when they were six weeks old. My dad had given me a kitten, Widow, shortly after Colin died. When Widow passed away, Jeff and I picked up Emma and Zoe from a family friend. They helped take my mind of Widow's death and I bonded with them both very strongly. I have always liked having a lot of cats and eventually talked Jeff into getting Paper last year. Emma didn't deal well with Paper joining our family and hasn't really been doing well since. She had started to show some aggressive behaviour, and she very clearly resented having him in the house. There have been many battles for dominance, but she has never really claimed her place as the alpha. The two boys have taken over, and mostly they just make her miserable.

The apartment we're moving to only allows for two animals and we decided we want to keep the two boys and give Emma up for adoption. Though the choice was very clear for us both, it was hard giving her up today. When the boys would leave her alone, Emma really was very lovable and sweet. It wasn't often that she'd get the peace from the others to play and be friendly, but when she did she was a terrific companion. I think she knew that we were preparing to give her away because yesterday she cuddled with me on the couch all day, which she hadn't done in a very long time.

I feel like a real shit of a cat-mommy right now.


Crystal said...

Hun, don't beat yourself up ... you are a GOOD kitty mom. A bad kitty mom would have ignored the situation ... you did your best to give her a situation that was good for HER. That's a great mom IMO. ;) Big hugs to you dear!

Anonymous said...

Lots of hugs and love to you, lady. Like Crystal said, some times the best choice is the most difficult one to make. Keeping you in my thoughts...

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