Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Photo dump: Snow day

We got some serious snow. Well, serious for this area; it doesn't snow all that often, and rarely quite this much. Being such a California girl (read: cold-sissy), I put on all the layers and ventured outside with my favourite things: husband, dogs, camera.

Riker, Pixel, and Steve - surveying the land? Plotting their next move? Deep thoughts, for sure.

When we first brought Riker home, he wouldn't even go out in the rain. Now he frolics in the snow.

These two are practically inseparable. Where you find one, you'll generally find the other. Pixel does get trampled on a lot because Riker is sort of a bully.

Riker is wondering why she's standing around on the deck. I didn't catch it, but just after I snapped this photo, he started pawing at her and knocked her over. Bully.

Pixel has a strange habit of biting at the snow. Usually accompanied by growls and barks.

I couldn't really get a decent shot of this boy. He loves the snow and is constantly on the move.

Exploring behind the flower beds...

Pixel spent most of her time on the deck, staring balefully out at the rest of us. I think I'll knit her some booties.

Cool snow dude in my neighbour's yard.

Snow-covered weepy-type tree. Everyone else's yard has cool stuff in it. We only have a fire hydrant.

I think I've begun taking these trees for granted. I was so surprised to see these large, beautiful, majestic looking trees all covered in snow. They've always been there, and they're all around my neighbourhood, but it took the beauty of the snow for me to actually see them.

Not pictured is the pasture between me and the back of this house. The pasture looked nice but this shot really grabbed my eye. I think it should be a puzzle.

After many years, I've still not learned much about photography; most of the settings confuse me and the pictures next to the settings really mean nothing to me. I took 13 photos of this tree, one for each setting. I liked this one the best- the setting is "guide" and I don't know what that means.

I hope you all are staying safe, wherever you are and whatever your conditions.

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