Thursday, January 12, 2017

Photo dump: Progress

This cow. Its pasture is at the front of our property line, so this is what we see when we look out our front door. When I first moved to Washington from California I was intimidated by any large animal that wasn't a horse (having spent time around horses as a girl, I knew how to be around them). Cows were especially strange and scary. The first time I saw this cow, it came running up to its fence when it saw me and I've sort of loved it ever since. Today when I walked up to his fence to say hello, he ran up like he does and let me pet his nose. We are going to get on just fine.

Not a whole lot has changed on the house since last time I was there. Some more of the roof is up but it snowed in most of the house.

Side porch of my in-law's side. They will have a little patio off their living room (in addition to a shared deck in the back) with a decent sized yard for their little dogger to play.


View from the kitchen window. I spent a few minutes fantasising about looking out at my goaties playing in their pen. I might be turning into a crazy goat lady.

View from the back of the house. We've chosen these lovely french doors to open onto our deck and the view looks all the way down the length of the property to the tree line. Someday we will have a barn, chickens, goaties, maybe sheep; some fruit bearing trees and a garden. At the very end of the property at the tree line there's a little area that would make a perfect pet cemetery. I'm still talking Steve into that one.

I'm tickled silly every time I see how close The Kids will be.

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