Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Books and more books

So, I read a lot of books. I created a list in my sidebar here so I can keep track of them all, and so you lot can poke fun at me for being a dork. I have this awful habit of reading so many books at one time that I become overwhelmed. I joined a book club with some ladies from my church and we always pick the most amazing books to read - introspective, insightful, thought-provoking, upsetting books that sometimes turn me inside out.

In addition to book-club books, I'm also plowing my way through books written by members of the LDS church. This is a category of books that was never on my radar, on account of how I wasn't always a member of this church. Now that I am, I have discovered a wealth of spiritual knowledge and insight offered by the leaders of the church and other members.

One such book is The Continuous Conversion by Brad Wilcox. In this book, Wilcox explores the conversion process and how it's not just for people who have recently joined the church (literal converts), but that all members are being constantly converted to the Gospel - each finding his or her own ways of connecting with the Gospel, with Christ's atonement, and with our own power to become better, smarter people. It's right up my alley, of course, because I love all those things.

I just finished Inferno by Dan Brown. I really love his books - the art history, the symbolism, and the plot always really thrill me. This latest book also raised moral questions that I used to have very strong opinions about. My opinions are still strong, but many of them have changed since I joined the church. Some of my beliefs about how the world is supposed to work were challenged when I was figuring out if I could become a Mormon, and I am still figuring some things out. More on that later, because I have deep thoughts about it.

I have several more books in my proverbial queue, and I'm not entirely sure when I'll find the time for all of them. For now, I'm off to read and clear some of these books off my list!

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