Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is this what progress looks like?

You know how I hate staff meetings? In case you don't: I hate staff meetings. It's the same problem I have with potlucks. I have many reasons that feel valid in my head that explain why I don't have them very often but when I say it out loud it feels flat and unjustifiable.

  • They don't pay attention
  • I just end up having to explain the same stuff later one-on-one
  • They want to know so much about things that aren't relevant
  • We waste time getting off topic
  • People turn an informational meeting into a bitch session, but when I offer them time to hear about their complaints, they clam up
  • They're bored and disinterested during meetings
  • They are disengaged and distract each other
  • Understandable? Maybe. A valid reason for not having meetings? Not by a long shot.

    So I got on my big-girl clothes recently and held a meeting. Much like my recent potluck, my attitude going in was better, and I got better results. Huh.

    It was enjoyable. It was very relaxed. Everyone was open and friendly. When I spoke honestly about my own short-comings they were more forgiving than I ever could have hoped for. I didn't hate it. And they didn't hate it either.

    I am continually surprised by how often I am forced to learn this lesson. I know better, yet I seem to find new and creative ways to fail so many times in a row.

    Now all their attitudes were different: they were more helpful toward each other, offering to assist each other with work. They seemed to be in better spirits with one another, and with me.

    Maybe I've turned a corner? Wouldn't that be neat?


    mosey said...

    I'll look to you for inspiration, since I seem to learn the same damn lesson over and over again....

    Paula said...

    This rings so true to me! I do not trust ,myself, have no faith in my own actions despite seing positive outcomes.I try to see that for so many years I believed and perfected the negative it takes time to rely on positive outcomes. Hugs across the pond

    My fans