Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Death is nothing

I found this image on Facebook this morning. This resonates with me. There were so many times after Colin died when I felt like he was just in the next room. As though I would find him there if I turned my head quickly enough. So many times I would walk into a room and feel like he had just been there and I'd find myself with his name on my lips before I remembered.

Even now, less frequently of course, I'll see something out of the corner of my eye that feels like him. I like to think it's God, telling me that Colin is still with me.

Sometimes that is comforting to me; sometimes, it feels like my soul is inside out.


John Donation said...

All is well. Tony Demello said that was the basic teaching of every religion. Then I guess they pile the "all is not well" on top of the truth for religious and political purposes.

Jade said...

All IS well. I don't know Tony Demello, but now I feel like I have to learn about him.

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