Monday, February 17, 2014

Oat-nut-cranberry (or not) muffins

I got a little domestic today. Recipe and inspiration from Ashley, who blogs over at Not So Molly. Not only is the recipe quick and easy, clean up is a breeze - and that's a must or chances of me ever trying anything new go right out the window. I also like how adaptable this recipe seems to be. I was missing finely minced candied lemon peel - because who has that just hanging around in their pantry?

(I did have dried cranberry on hand for the first time in my life because I'm all healthy and stuff now and I put it in my oatmeal)

Throw everything into a bowl and mix it up - save the nuts and fruit if your husband is squeamish about healthy stuff.

Different coloured muffin liners help differentiate between boring muffins and those with extra delicious in them.

Side note: I used my nutri-bullet to chop up the almonds and walnuts - which turned it into finely ground nut-dust. Kinda handy for hiding the texture of nuts from aforementioned Squeamish Husband in future kitchen experiments.

20 minutes in my convection oven was perfect - a minute or two fewer might have been good as well. Suggested pairings include honey-butter, which sounds amazing but was too much work for me. I didn't even wait for these to cool before trying one.

Oh, and these muffins are delicious - if you're wondering.


Ashley said...

They look so good! I'm glad they worked out for you-try the curd someday, I really recommend it ;)

Jade said...

I'll work up the nerve for curd. I LOVE these muffins - thanks so much for sharing the recipe. :)

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