Saturday, August 27, 2011

I quit

So, I'm quitting smoking. Again. I'm a little pissed off about it too. I stopped smoking several years ago and managed to stick with it for about five years. Starting up again is the thing that pisses me off, though truthfully I really enjoyed smoking for this past year.

I think I'm genetically predisposed to do things that are not good for me. I do okay most of the time; I don't put really bad things into my body and I'm somewhat health conscious about what I eat - save for a weakness for those little chocolate frosted doughnuts from Hostess. You know the ones, they're bite-sized and leave your mouth feeling like you ate melted wax?

Unfortunately, I'm also genetically predisposed towards being lazy, which means getting less exercise than I should. So the result is that I sit around eating little doughnuts and smoking cigarettes.

So, quitting smoking. Wish me luck. Or maybe start saving coins to donate to my family for funeral expenses just in case I throw myself into traffic over the stress of it.

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Mantramine said...

ahhhh, quitting. ? ... ummm, yeah.

I mean, it's a piece of cake, really. Sure, there is the occasional urge to go knuckle deep into the dark recesses of someones eyeballs should they look sideways at you. But, ya, quitting... soon.

You can do, you got this one. Five days and the bitch that is nicotine is out of your system. You'll be grateful to not be a slave.

You own this one. It's yours.

I'll join you... soon. ish.

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