Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I am really time-challenged. My mom has this story she loves about when I was a little girl wasting time before school: she would send me to the bathroom to shower and get dressed and after too much time had passed without me re-appearing properly dressed in my plaid Catholic-school jumper she would search me out. And she'd find me lying on the bathroom floor, arms and legs flung wide and still pajama-clad, singing at the top of my lungs.

I still do that. Okay, not exactly that, but the grown up equivalent. I play on my computer. Doing, um... social research. /snicker

Playing stupid games on my iPhone, or reading trashy teen vampire books, or watching silly television.

I have a couple hobbies - knitting and writing and blogging, but mostly I pursue mindless activities. Ostensibly, I sit down to decompress 'for a few minutes' and suddenly it's dark and The Husband is going to bed. Well, shit.

I was recently made aware of the 168 Hours Challenge. There's even a book about it ( and a Facebook page and everything. So, I'm doing it.

So far, I spend a lot of time working and reading. I'm out of town, working on an assignment for two weeks. While there are many things I could be doing with my time, I'm sort of enjoying just relaxing in my apartment and watching NBA Finals.

So, whatever. I waste time. I'll bet my mom wouldn't be surprised.


mosey said...

I think my daughter is channeling your schoolgirl self. Uncanny....
(thanks for the link - that looks like a good challenge).

oh... and I like the new "look".

Jade said...

Thanks! I'm undecided on the pink-ish background...

I think the school-girl 'self' is closely associated with bein an only child, and with a big imagination (and being adorable of course).

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