Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cleaning out

I threw stuff away today. I feel weird about it, empty and hollow. I have memories associated with everything, even the broken things. Things which are of no use to anyone, and do not function properly. I have two broken chairs in the garage; Waltzer gave me the chairs and a dining room table and the chairs have been broken for a long time. I sat at that table and cried after Colin died, when the table was in Waltzer's apartment, that terrific apartment over the shoppes where I spent so much time.

I've replaced the set, and now the table and broken chairs are taking up space in the garage. Of course I am not taking them to my new apartment, but when I threw them out I think my eyes leaked a little bit.

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Anonymous said...

Letting go is difficult. It feels as though you let go of pieces of yourself in the process. In a time when things feel out of balance and unsteady, it feels as though you cannot afford to let go of any piece of yourself that is known, familiar. And yet, I find that as soon as I let go of those things, my hands are soon filled with new gifts from the Goddess. May you find this as well, sweet lady. Hugs to you...

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