Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sharing the pagan experience

My husband is not pagan. He's wonderfully open-minded and generous towards my practice. He finds certain aspects interesting, and he's always willing to listen to me describe an experience or to participate in a discussion about my religion. I don't know quite what he believes, as he doesn't share my overwhelming compunction to natter on about it, but I know that he's likely the most open-minded non-pagan I know.

Though he's not pagan, I have found a way that I can share some small aspect of my faith with him. He's working on his communication skills lately, and has asked for my help. Armed with my faithful almanac, I've charted each day's colour correspondence, moon sign, lunar phase, and magical influence and what it all can mean for him. With his goal in mind, I've helped him develop a method for analyzing his own thoughts and behaviours so that he can gain more control over his emotional and verbal responses to external stimuli, using magical and mystical correspondences.

I find it rewarding that I can draw on my own practice to help him, even though he doesn't share the same faith. I feel proud to be married to someone who can accept guidance from a path he does not walk. I feel honoured to have as my partner a man who can acknowledge the value in something he does not personally believe in.


thefoxchild said...

Sounds like our husbands are very similar. Mine has started asking about all the "coincidences" that have been going on in our lives lately and seeing that maybe they are much more than that.

Men are stubborn some times, but worth the effort.

Jade said...

They certainly are, but mine certainly makes the suffering worth it. :)

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